5 Steps to Unleashing Your CX Potential

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Continuously improving the customer experience (CX) is the primary goal for all brands. While putting the customer first is nothing new, the explosion of customer data available to help guide marketers is unprecedented. Now, more than ever, brand marketers need to have a strategic process in place to ensure they are regularly monitoring and making enhancements to their brand’s CX.

We’ve pulled together our top CX blog articles from 2017, which touch on five key steps that all brands should take to help make sure 2018 is a banner year for your organization’s CX potential.

Garner and Shore-up Internal Support

Whether establishing a new benchmark CX program or looking to enhance an existing one, getting internal stakeholder buy-in is critical to the long-term success of your CX research program. Here are three ways to secure and maintain senior management support:

  • Start with a pilot program – Demonstrate the benefits of a CX program on a manageable scale
  • Concentrate on high priority interactions – Focus first on the experiences that are most important to your customers
  • Focus on ROI – Communicate success stories of CX improvements driven by CX program insights

Walk with Your Customers

To be most effective, your CX program needs to span the entire experience.  That’s why customer experience journey mapping (CXJM) is such a powerful approach.  CXJM connects brand stakeholders to their customers on a personal level, sparking new ways to emotionally engage with customers.  And it puts CX ownership in the hands of all employees, not just those on the front lines. 

“The most successful brands adopt an attitude of continuous learning, always seeking to better understand their customers and find ways to enhance their experiences.”


Use CX Metrics as Guideposts

When it comes to evaluating CX metrics, Net Promoter Scores (NPS) are often at the top of management’s list.  NPS is a very valuable component of a CX management system; however, the best CX programs operate as diagnostic tools, not static report cards.  The value of any CX metric lies in its ability to serve as a guide to decision-making.  They should help you develop a customer-centric culture in order to drive ongoing CX improvements.

Tune into Your Employees

It’s no secret that engaged, dedicated employees are essential to building and maintaining strong CX and brand relationships. However, many organizations still compartmentalize their Voice of Employee and Voice of the Customer feedback.  Companies that don’t evaluate their VoE feedback in conjunction with their VoC or CX program insights are limiting their potential to uncover new ways to enrich their CX. Employee input should help drive improvements to CX, while customer feedback should be linked back to relevant internal areas where employees can take action to improve processes and performance.

Bring It Full Circle – Maximize the Value of Your CX Program

At the end of the day, the ultimate value of your CX program is measured by whether or not the CX insights you discover are readily acted upon to improve your customers’ experiences.

Find ways to fast-track turning CX growth opportunities into reality by:

  • Focusing on what’s most important for your business
  • Taking advantage of qualitative customer feedback – don’t get bogged down in metrics
  • Synthesizing your CX knowledge – tell a compelling story

Recognize that each and every employee can play a part in delivering a meaningful and memorable CX.  Develop a process for socializing your CX knowledge across your entire organization:

  • Share insights promptly
  • Tell the good and the bad
  • Tailor insights to your different internal audiences

Customer experience is far more than a marketing buzzword and it’s likely to stay at the center of all marketing research conversations for the foreseeable future.  As Steve Cannon, CEO of AMB Group, claimed a few years ago, “Customer experience is the new marketing.”  Brands that take a holistic approach to gathering CX feedback, disseminating it widely across the organization, and quickly leveraging opportunities from it will reap long-term benefits.

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