5 Ways to Show Your Brand Some Love


Robust brand health; it’s what every brand marketer works toward. However, the process of nurturing your brand, assessing its health, identifying growth opportunities, and putting plans into action can be challenging. That’s why we pulled together a collection of our top branding blog articles, to share five ways that strategic marketing research can help you nurture, tend to, and show your brand some love.

1. Take the Pulse of Your Brand

Brand health is a mix of behavioral and emotional customer and prospect experiences. The state of a brand’s health is ultimately based on an understanding of its role in the target audience’s life. Monitoring it is critical to building customer satisfaction and fostering strong brand relationships. In other words, a brand lives solely in consumers’ hearts and minds. To steer a brand toward continued growth, marketers need to keep a finger on the pulse of their brand. Measuring and monitoring brand health is both an art and a science. Here’s an overview of three core components to keep in mind, including brand awareness, emotional engagement, and customer journey.

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2. Let Projective Techniques Reveal Your Brand Promise

To develop and refine your brand promise, you need to understand your brand from your customers’ perspective.  Qualitative research is frequently used to uncover consumers’ brand perceptions, giving researchers a way to dig into deep-seated brand impressions that might not be accessible with a more direct inquiry approach.  This blog focuses on three effective and commonly used projective techniques – brand personification, picture sorting, and mind mapping.

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3. Go Beyond Keeping an NPS Scorecard

The wide-spread adoption of NPS at the C-suite level has prompted companies across many industries to use it as part of their customer experience (CX) program. There are many benchmarks now available for comparisons within specific industries. While these benchmarks can indicate how well your brand is doing within your industry, as a stand-alone metric it doesn’t tell you enough to drive action. It can identify the need for improvement but doesn’t provide insight into how to move the needle. To do this, you need to know more than your NPS score.

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4. Listen to the Voice of Your Employees

Your brand promise gives consumers a reason to consider becoming a customer by promising to deliver a meaningful benefit. Therefore, it’s important for marketers to carefully craft their brand promise, cultivate its growth, and monitor its success over time. Employees play a critical role in this process, as they are the heart and soul of a company’s brand. When employees understand, believe, and demonstrate their brand promise, chances are your customers’ experience be in alignment with that reason to believe in the brand. Here are some ways to engage employees in both developing and delivering an authentic brand promise.

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5. Emerge Stronger After Fixing a Broken Brand Promise 

It’s a brand manager’s worst nightmare. You wake up in the morning to find your brand is unexpectedly in the headlines or trending on social media – and it’s not good news. Unfortunately, there are plenty of examples we can point to, from the Wells Fargo fake account controversy, Chipotle’s food safety scares, or Samsung’s recall of their Galaxy Note 7 phone. Although painful, brands can learn a great deal from the experience of breaking their brand promise with consumers. By taking the right steps, your brand can emerge stronger than ever. Here are three lessons all brands can learn from others’ mishaps.

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Ultimately, your brand’s health is dictated by your consumers. It’s the sum of their experiences and it lives in their hearts and minds. Let marketing research help you better listen to your customers, understand and empathize with their experiences, and uncover new opportunities to build lasting brand relationships. That’s just one way to show your brand some love. That passion for your brand will inevitably be passed right on to your customers, demonstrating your commitment to delivering meaningful customer experiences, day after day.

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