What 3 Trends Are Changing the Dynamics of Market Research?

market research trends

At The DRG, we regularly monitor industry trends always searching for opportunities to refine our research approaches, enhance our respondents’ experience, and provide the best possible CX intelligence for our clients. Last month, Greenbook published their bi-annual Greenbook Research Industry Trends report (GRIT), which provides an excellent overview of the market research industry, identifying current and emerging trends.

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5 Ways to Show Your Brand Some Love


Robust brand health; it’s what every brand marketer works toward. However, the process of nurturing your brand, assessing its health, identifying growth opportunities, and putting plans into action can be challenging. That’s why we pulled together a collection of our top branding blog articles, to share five ways that strategic marketing research can help you nurture, tend to, and show your brand some love.

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4 Principles of Successful Online Communities

online communities

Online communities have proven to be a convenient source for collecting in-depth feedback from customers and prospects alike.  What was once an emerging marketing research trend, use of online communities as a research tool has now become mainstream.

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2018 Market Research Trends – It’s All About The Experience

2018 market research trends

Customer experience, customer-first, customer-centric, customer-focused. The shift in mindset from brand-focused marketing approaches to the predominance of the customer experience (CX) has been a powerful one and will continue to shape the way companies operate, innovate, and plan for growth.

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5 Steps to Unleashing Your CX Potential

customer experience

Continuously improving the customer experience (CX) is the primary goal for all brands. While putting the customer first is nothing new, the explosion of customer data available to help guide marketers is unprecedented. Now, more than ever, brand marketers need to have a strategic process in place to ensure they are regularly monitoring and making enhancements to their brand’s CX.

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Consumer Co-Creation: Using Research to Create the Future


“Co-creation is the purposeful action of partnering with strategic customers, partners or employees to ideate, problem solve, improve performance, or create a new product, service or business.” ~Christine Crandall, New Business Strategies

The concept of consumer co-creation has always been at the heart of marketing research.

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Gamification in Marketing Research – Is it Time to Get in the Game?


Long before the first person rigged a carrot stick in front of a horse, the motivating benefits of gaming techniques have been a part of human society. Today, the term ‘gamification’ is becoming more common in marketing discussions, but not everyone defines it in the same way.

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Voices in Concert – Tune into Employees to Enhance Customer Experiences

voice of the customer

In the same way that customer experience is no longer just about satisfaction, employee engagement is no longer solely the domain of Human Resources. According to Andrea Sullivan, CMO at Interbrand, “Branding used to be about what’s happening outside your door, but increasingly, about 75 percent of the work that brands do is more squarely focused on how they get the greatest performance out of their employees, and how they lessen the gap between the executives and the front line.”

Many organizations monitor their employee engagement levels through Voice of the Employee (VoE) programs which typically include measuring job satisfaction, work-life balance, effectiveness of training programs, and soliciting ideas for improvements across the organization.

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Are You Engaging Employees in Authentic, Purpose-Driven Ways?

engaging employees

Like most companies, The DRG recognizes the importance of fostering dynamic employee engagement across our organization. There are a myriad of ways to do so, but to be most effective you need to express appreciation in authentic and unique ways.

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Beyond Navigation: Get the Most from Website Usability Research

website user experience research

The role of brand websites has evolved well beyond serving mainly as information sources. They’ve become interactive communication tools that can either enhance or diminish your brand relationships. That’s why it is so critical to collect usability feedback from visitors to ensure you have the right content, an appealing design, and intuitive site navigation from the start.  

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