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4 Lesser Known Benefits of CX Insights

As described in our eBook, 6 Steps for Launching CX Insights, an effective customer experience (CX) program can help you reduce churn, enhance complaint management, identify and resolve critical customer issues, and increase customer loyalty. Read More

Prep for Success: The Value of Pre-Launch New Product Research

In a previous post, we discussed how conducting marketing research early in product development can help point you in the right direction by brainstorming new product concepts, identifying and optimizing your best ideas, and validating these ideas before investing in development. Read More

Developing a New Product? Let Research Point You in the Right Direction!

When launching new products, so much of the product development and marketing is done without any outside perspective. However, the internal teams who come up with the concept often have an emotional attachment, making it difficult to divorce themselves from their own personal feelings to view the product from the customer’s perspective. Read More